2021 Beach Cricket Watercolour

2020 Winter Light Mixed Media
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2020 Granny's Bay Mixed Media
2018 After the Storm Watercolour 2020 Silver Birches Mixed Media 2018 Stormy Sky Watercolour
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2015 Granny's Bay Mixed Media
2016 In The Forest Mixed Media   2017 Landscape Watercolour
 2017 2018 Oriental Landscape Watercolour
2017 Evening Glow Watercolour

2016 A Break in the Clouds Mixed Media
2015 Lytham Estuary Mixed Media

2015 Stormy Weather Mixed Media

2015 The Tide is Out Watercolour

Sandra at Fylde DFAS
2015 BlueBell Woods Watercolour
2012 Ancient Woodland Watercolor 2013 Wild Woods Acryllic 2012 Winter Moons Watercolour & Ink
2012 Autumn Trees Watercolor
2013 Misty Woods Watercolour 2011 Autumn Woods Acrylic
2010 First Light Watercolour
2011 Estuary Mixed Media
2011 Bluebell Wood Watercolour 2011 Estuary in winter Watercolour
2009 First Light Mixed Media 2010 Sunset Watercolour 2010 Caught in the Storm Watercolour
2009 Sun, Sea and Sand Mixed Media Lytham St Annes Art Society 2009 Lake District View  Watercolour
2007 Winter Tree Watercolour

2008 View from Villa Carli, Tuscany Watercolour
2008 The Light Beyond Watercolour
2008 Looking across to Southport Mixed Media Left click for
bigger picture!
2003 The White Gate Watercolour
2007 Stormy Sky Watercolour 2005 Landscape Watercolour 2006 The Light Beyond Watercolour
2006 Mist rising Watercolour 2004 Winter Moon Watercolour + ink 2006 No Title Watercolour on textured paper
2004 The Broken Fence Watercolour + ink 2004 A Way Through Watercolour 2004 Misty Morning Watercolour

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