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Screen Mirroring to SONY Android TV

I have not used my Chromecast dongle for ages. In March 2017 we bought a Smart Android TV - SONY Bravia 43" (KD43XD8088BU - a 2016 model), and it has Miracast (Chromecast) capability. About time to try it out!

View Video 2 min

You can perform traditional (Google) Chromecast, as most multi-media apps have Chromecast capability - casting the media output to the TV. You can build playlists - and also control the media using your Android device.

In the video above I instead do a screen mirroring demo - casting the entire screen of the device. To start the mirroring on my Galaxy TAB S2 tablet, I scroll down twice in the notification area, and tap the SideView icon. On my Nexus 9 tablet I go to Settings/Display/Cast and tap the device (TV) to connect.

Unfortunately screen recording of the tablet stops when you initiate screen mirroring. The picture to the right shows the tablet screen a second after the screen recorder has stopped working.

Connecting Tablet

Connecting TV