Sandra Hallergard
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2005 Sandra, Oil by Norman Long
    Sandra's Art Gallery
Right:   Sandra    
Oil by Norman Long, 2005    
Sandra and her family

After attending the Collegiate Grammar School in Blackpool, I went to Art College for a year and then worked for five years in London and Blackpool. In 1963 I decided to go to Sweden to work for a year. I married there and lived in Brazil, Canada and the USA, travelling with my husband and his job.

However, it was not until 2002 that I returned to live in England, when my Swedish husband and I decided to retire to Lytham, that I could really devote myself to painting full time. I have always painted although lapsed for a while when my daughters were young.

Left:   Sandra and family at a reunion in Wimbledon 2011

Some milestones in my art development:
  • Art School at Blackpool Technical College 1958
  • Lisette Levy's Brazilian Art Study Group, São Paulo, 1980/83
  • Art History at McGill University, Montréal 1986/7
  • Watercolour Painting Camp at Öland, Sweden, summer 2000
  • Painting courses at Higham Hall 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2015
  • Abstract Art & Mixed Media course Lancaster University 2008
  • Exhibition at the Lytham Heritage Centre May/June 2008
  • Exhibition at the Garstang Art Centre Sept/Oct 2008
  • Exhibition at the Lytham Heritage Centre Aug/Sept 2011 together with Harvey Foster & Alan Bealey
  • Exhibition at the Lytham Heritage Centre Oct/Nov 2013 together with Hugh Ellwood & Ken Roberts
Sandra with Mayor and Mayoress

Right:   Sandra as President of the Lytham St. Annes Art Society inaugurating the Summer Exhibition 2006 with the Mayor and Mayoress of Fylde, Mr and Mrs Harold Butler.

I am a member of the Lytham St Annes Art Society where I run an experimental watercolour workshop and am active on the committee. I have exhibited in Lytham, Blackpool, Milnthorpe, Garstang and Cockerham.

I am a member of the Arts Society Fylde, and here is my entry. Also I belong the Friends of the Lytham St Annes Art Collection.

I enjoy working and experimenting in different media, where I try to find the essence of my subject and capture a mood or atmosphere as in "Out of the blue" and "Winter Moon". I also try and experiment with watercolour and see what it can do. I love it when unpredictable things happen - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t!

"Xanadu" was my interpretation of the first lines of Coleridge’s poem. It is watercolour and ink sprayed onto the surface. I try to work more abstract and "Fragments" is an example of this. It is based on a sketch of the bark of a tree. I have also started to make collages and "Lithosphere" is an example. Using pieces of material: card, paper, stones, sand, all fastened with acrylic medium and painted with acrylic paints. "Autumn Leaves" is a watercolour painted mainly in a negative technique.
Sandra & Danielle at the Lytham Heritage Exhibition July 2008

Above:   Sandra and Danielle at the Lytham
Heritage Centre exhibition in July 2008

My Art Gallery includes a few flower paintings in watercolour and Life drawings which is something I enjoy doing as it demands concentration and skill. Most of these works have been painted during the last couple of years.

Sandra in her Garden


Ian McEwan
Gauguin   Beth
P.D. James
Helene Schjerfbeck
Rod Stewart
Margaret Atwood

I love music of all sorts and I read a lot. I'm also interested in antiques. Since we moved to Lytham I have had the opportunity to create a garden from scratch.
I love flowers, not just to paint them.