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AirDroid - File Transfers to/from Android TV

To sideload apps onto my Android TV I have been copying the apks via the Cloud. As I use my Android Tablet to create the backed-up apks, it would be interesting if they could be transferred straight to the Andoid TV, without using the cloud as a go-between. AirDroid can do that!

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I sideloaded the AirDroid app to the TV, installed the client and logged in. Normally a PC is used in the next step, but decided to use my Tablet instead. Not the client apk, but opening the link in a browser!

This worked just as well as on the PC. Tapping the file folder, then tapping the Upload file link, choose documents and then navigating to the Tablet's /backups/apps folder. Clicking on an apk will transfer it via the local WiFi Network to the TV. Voila!

AirDroid on TV and Tablet

I have tried other apps for direct transfer from the Tablet to the TV: PushBullet works fine sometimes, but unfortunately not always. FastFileTransfer more often than not stops after about 97% of the apks are copied onto the TV. Thus AirDroid is my preferred choice.