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JETech M0884 Bluetooth Mouse

To use sideloaded apps on my Android TV (SONY Bravia KD-43XD8088), I just had to get an Android (Bluetooth) 6-button mouse. I had been using my RF mouse with just three buttons. But there was too much switching back and forth between the mouse and the SONY TV Remote when using sideloaded apps. There were two major problems:

  • There was no BACK button on the RF mouse, which is especially awkward on Android systems
  • After the upgrade to Android Oreo there was a bug in the TV's operating system, that stopped the TV from waking up, if the RF's usb-dongle was left attached to the TV overnight
Found JETech M0884 for just below £10, and it solved the two above problems - Backward button and no dongle

There is one remaining small problem though - the lack of a Return/OK/Enter button:

There are the occacional links where the Left button won't execute, probably because the Enter code is expected. Have to use the OK button of the SONY remote instead. See this example!

Do not believe there is any Android mouse with a Return button? If you know of one, please let me know!

Yes, I am aware of the SONY SideView App, which solves all these problems - but usually I am too lazy to activate it.