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My Tronsmart TSM-G62C Remote Control

This gyro air mouse has excellent cursor control - the best I have come across so far! It is probably one of a new generation. This will from now on be my standard remote control for the TV couch.

Range:   About 5 m incl. through a wall, but problems sitting in the TV couch with one person and a wall between the remote and the RF-receiver only 3 m away. Solved with a USB extension at a better location 2 m away from the remote. Gesture Control of Cursor:
Excellent! Also on Windows and Linux. The best air mouse function I have tried so far!

Keyboard - Text Input:
Is very basic but works fine. Nice touch to keys. No Alt keys. Fn key to hold and at the same time tap another for numbers and "top row" symbols (as per US keyboard mapping). Turning to the keyboard side switches the cursor off, which is nice feature.

Keyboard - Shortcuts:
Browsers: I found very few functioning key combinations - hardly worth bothering with. Instead all navigation can be done with gesture control of the cursor.

Media Players:
Tested XBMC and the VLC Media Player and most keyboard shortcuts work. It seemed that keyboard shortcuts are not implemented for VLC on Android.
For the MX Player Esc for exit and the "Android shortcuts" worked (Space for Play/Pause, Left and Right for Rewind and Forward).
There are no MultiMedia keys (except for the Volume Rocker and the Mute key), so pause, fast forward etc has to be handled by the media player's onscreen controls (or the media player's keyboard shortcuts - e.g. VLC space to pause).

View Video 5 min

Tronsmart TSM-G62C $19 or 12

Gyro Air Mouse
Voice Control
Volume Control Rocker
Querty Keyboard

Left side of Remote:
On the left side there is a Volume Rocker (also there is a Mute key on the front).

Front of Remote:
To toggle from cursor mode to D-pad mode there is a special Switch key, which pauses the cursor and activates the Navigation keys for use with DVR type menus, such as in XBMC. The OK key is for Enter (or Left Mouse button) and there is a Back key. The Home key is for Home on Android and starts the default browser on the PC. The Menu key (Right mouse button) shows the context menus.

Right side of Remote: There is a Audio/Mic jack, handled with a "Custom" key, which with short press switches the audio output between the device and the remote (when earphones are plugged in). Tip: set to HDMI PASSTHROUGH in the Sound Device Manager. When long pressing the Custom key brings up a power off menu.

Audio and Voice Search: The audio quality is low for recording with the remote as microphone. It is good enough though for voice search!

Other: You can change the mouse (cursor) sensitivity by pressing the Fn key and Up (or Down) key simultaneously for 3 seconds. Speed is changed very little though, so little that I thought I was not working. For bigger changes of the pointer speed use the Android Settings or the Windows Control Panel.

Have not experienced any problems with the RF-receiver interfering with other USB devices on the PC.

The Tronsmart TSM-G62C Remote Control functioned very well considering its low price, expecially the excellent gesture control of the cursor even on the PC (using Windows or Linux) from the TV couch. The keyboard is very basic, but think I can live with that.
From now on this is the remote I will be using for my HTPC!