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Installing Windows 7 +SP1
onto a fast USB 3.0 Flash Drive

The other week I installed Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Home, 64-bit) onto a SanDisk Ultra Flair USB 3.0 Drive using WinToUSB from the Easy UEFI Development Team. It inspired me to try to do the same with Windows 7 (Home Premium, 64-bit), which I hade failed achieving about two months ago. At that time I thought that it had to do with the USB drivers: To boot you have to had the USB drivers installed, but to install these drivers you had to have booted.

To bypass this "Catch 22" I now tried with a Windows 7 ISO, which already included the SP1 - free download from Microsoft. It worked fine! So I went back in repeated this with the original ISO. It worked too!! This time I used WinToUSB ver. 3.4, where as two months ago I used versioon 3.2. Was that the reason??

View Video 2 min

To install I used the Legacy option again.
Here is my PC's (spec).

Installing Win-7 SP1 on to USB

Addendum 2017-02-18

Having used it for two weeks now, I have had a few issues: Windows Update "encountered an unknown error Code 80070005", and the remedy that worked for Windows 7 on HDD (KB2030369 and KB3172605) gave error Code 80070005. Using the USB3 port usually gave the "Blue Screen Failure", or if booting, the DeviceManager had a flag for the USB xHCI compliant Host: When trying to reinstall the USB drivers, the Visual C++ 2012 redistributable would not install.

Though Windows 7 runs well, I cannot recommend it, at least not for my chipset. In contrast the Windows 10 AU runs very well, very fast and without any problems so far.