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Partclone for Linux Partition Backup

For backup of Linux partitions I have been using PartImage, which ,however, does not support ext4 and btrfs filesystems. I have solved this by using ext3 for my Linux partitions. And this has functioned very well.

Android-x86 does not function well with the ext3 filsystem, so I have been using ext4. And I have tried to use Partimage for backup. And at times it works and at times not - so I have been looking for alternatives that I can rely on to function: Clonezilla and Partclone.

Partclone satisfies my needs exactly, which is primarily backup and if necessary restore. Occationally I would want to clone a partition onto another drive, and I can use the backup images for that, just like with Partimage. This video shows backup of an Android-x86-6.0-r2 partition, and also using the image created to clone it onto a USB3-stick:
View Video 4 min

My intention for the future is to use ext4 for all my Linux system, starting next time I that will have to make a fresh install. I prefer upgrading though, so it might be a while before this switchover is accomplished. In the mean time I will have gained more experience with Partclone for backup of Android-x86, RemixOS and PhoenixOS.

Restoring from image to USB flash drive