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Screen Recording Android TV + Audio
Screen casting with AirDroid from TV to PC
Cable from TV's Audio Out to PC's Audio In

On Android TV it is not possible to record audio with screencasting apps. I have been searching for ways around this, and have finally found it possible to record the audio of my TV by audio cable onto another device (PC). And simultaneously mirroring the TV screen, and recording the two streams on this device (PC).

View Video 3 min

For this video I used the AirDroid app (ver. to cast the TV screen to the PC. On the PC I used Open Broadcaster Software to record the combined video and audio streams, and on the TV I used DU Recorder to record the screen (no audio). The video frame rate used on the PC was 25 fps, giving a pretty good video quality.

There was a slight lag between the TV and its mirror. On the PC mirror the video was about 0.2 sek behind of the audio, which I corrected for while editing.

TV screen projected to PC by AirDroid:

Before tap "Full Screen" 1m 21sek

After tap "Full Screen" 1m 22sek

The TV screen picture shows the YouTube Channel above the SVT Play Channel at 1 min 21 sek. When tapping "Full Screen" on the PC two strange things happened: The TV screen mirror changed the order of the Home Screen Channels to show the SVT Play Channel first at 1 min 22 sek, then the TV4 Play Channel (previously below the visible screen). But the recording of the TV screen (DU recorder) continued recording the previous view (at 1 min 21 sek, now static - with the YouTube Channel first). Have not managed to reproduce this! More often the recording of the TV screen becomes static immediatedly after the "Accept" on the TV at 1 min 11 sek. Weird! My main goal was successful though, to get the PC video to show both video and audio.