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Watch Foreign TV on SmartTV

Here are three methods for viewing foreign TV channels on SmartTV. As examples I am using Swedish TV and SONY Android TV, but these methods should be applicable to other foreign TV Channels and to other brands of Android TV.

Video 4 min

Install from Google Play Store
When possible try this method. A few international channels are available on the Android TV version of the Google Play Store. I was lucky and found SVT Play and installed it without problems.

Sideload App
For mobile devices such as phones and tablets there are many more TV apps available. I had TV4 Play installed on my tablet - took a backup copy of its apk and sideloaded it onto my Android TV - without issues.

Create a Web Bookmark - IPTV
This method should be possible on any SmartTV - not just on Android TV - though the way of creating the bookmark might differ - for instance a bookmark inside the browser. I used this method to create a Chrome Browser bookmark on the TV's Home screen to the Swedish Viafree web site, and navigated further to their most popular channel TV3.

Addendum 2022-12-05: the Swedish TV3 is no longer a free channel due to changes of the Viasat streaming services

SVT Play on Home screen

TV4 Play on Home screen

SVT Play & TV3 bookmark on Favourites bar