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Favourites Bar on Android TV

The Favourites Bar summarizes my interest in Android TV. Emphasis is on streaming video content: Foreign TV Channels (in my case Swedish), Family Videos, Music Videos (downloaded before streaming became viable) and YouTube.

Video 4 min

The Favourites Bar

File Manager: For sideloading apps a good File Manager (and a mouse) is essential. Am using X-Plore which is very good at handling network and web storage access.

Browsers I use three Browsers. Chrome mainly for internet browsing. Its homescreen is a web html file full with shortcuts that I often use. Firefox mainly for family videos on the local network, a http site on my PC, which is using menus written in html. Access with smb or ftp protocol. And Samsung's Internet browser. Google has stopped browsers from opening local html files unless using the http protocol. On Android 5 Pico the Samsung browser can still do that, which allows me to put the family video menus on the TV. As there is not much storage space on the TV I have uploaded the family videos to YouTube (as unlisted), thus using the YouTube links in the html menu files. There is an alternative to use the SimpleHttpServer app on the TV, using the same html menus.

Media Players VLC and KODI mainly using smb, ftp and nfs protocols for streaming Music Videos from the PC or my web site (hosted by or viewing Photos on the PC. And of course there is YouTube.

Foreign TV channels via iptv is represented on the favourites bar by Swedish TV3 on the Viasat website. Below the favourites bar there is SVT Play (Swedish TV1), Swedish TV4 and then my YouTube subscriptions. Finally on the favourites bar there is ApoidTV (excellent for finding apps to download) and DU Recorder, my favourite screen recorder.