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Make DVD with YouView

My YouView box (from Humax) is basically a DVR - a digital video recorder with a hard disk and tuner for HD terrestial TV - but it is also connected to the internet via an ethernet cable to our router. This picks up the BBC iPlayer, the ITV Player etc and also the TalkTalk player, which offers pay-as-you-go movies from Lovefilm - similar to Netflix. UK only. The box does not have any DVD burning capability. It has a USB port, but you still cannot even access the hard disk. I kept my old DVR though, a Sony RDR-HXD870.

This is my hook-up:
HDMI 1 on the TV connected to the HDMI port of the YouView box
HDMI 3 on the TV connected to the HDMI out port of the Sony DVR
A Scart cable from the YourView box to the Line1 port of the Sony DVR

This is how to first transfer the recording from the YouView box to the Sony DVR:
1. Set the source of the TV to HDMI 3 (to see what's on the Sony)
2. Set the source of the Sony DVR to Line 1 (to see what's on the YouView box)
3. Set the source of the TV to HDM1 (to see what's on the YouView box)
4. On the YouView box find the recording you want to rerecord onto the Sony box and start Play
    (or alternatively: use the Video On Demand function to catch up with a program and start Play)
    Simultaneously hit the REC (record) button on the Sony DVR (4 times for 2 hours)
While recording you can watch something else on the TV by setting its source to TV.

The next step is dubbing the recording onto DVD on the Sony DVR. First you might want to edit it, such as trimming the edges, giving it a title and setting a thumbnail.

This would probably also work for pay-as-you-go movies!