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Linux MultiBoot with Grub1 (Grub Legacy)

I bought my desktop PC in 2010 and it uses BIOS-MBR (which is now being replaced by UEFI-GPT). I have installed the Ranish Partition Manager replacing the IPL(Initial Program Loader) of the MBR (Master Boot Record), and it can set the boot flag to any of the primary partitions (makes the partition active). To each partition I have installed its own partition MBR (PBR), so that it can be independently booted via its own bootloader menu.

Linux Grub1 boot loader was superseeded in 2010 by Grub2. I use Grub2 on four of my active Linux partitions, but I still do use Grub1 on one of my Linux partitions, the most imporant one: the default partition 1 on Disk 1 (sda1):

View Video 4 min
SuSE BootMenu (sda1) Grub1 Dec 2013
BootMenu (sda1) Grub1 menu.lst:

Why? It is so simple! - It is just a text file, which is very easy to edit. And it is easy to keep track of which versions of Linux I have installed.

Here I use the generic kernel designations. When there is a kernel update on any partition, I check that there are the symlinks "vmlinuz" and "initrd" (or initrd.img) to the updated kernel images. For Linux Fedora I have to create those symlinks manually. Also in Grub1 I use the most simple root path: /dev/sda1.

Yes, Grub2 is better, more complicated and prettier. But I have at least added a bit of colour to the Grub1 menu by using a gfxmenu at /boot/message.