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Dropbox Basic: max 3 Devices

From March 2019 Dropbox has limited the free, Basic version to support max 3 devices. It gave me a real scare, as I am using Dropbox for all my Office files. I have 12 bootable partitions on my Multi-Boot PC, all with Dropbox installed. They all link to the Dropbox folder of my main Windows partition - which acts sort of like a "Server".

On a Multi-Boot PC each partition is considered a device. Furthermore, it seems as every time you link it is counted as a new device! I had to unlink over 100 "devices" to end up with just 3 syncronizing devices.

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As linked I kept only the main PC partition, my tablet and my mobile phone. Only then did I read the Dropbox FAQ which informs that you do not have to unlink your old devices - it is only when you try to relink a device that they enforce the limitation.

You can still login to the Dropbox Cloud using a browser or an Android File Manager. The limitation to 3 devices refers to syncronization.

Update 2020-09-09
Since a couple of months ago Dropbox does no longer syncronize from Android devices to the Cloud. Hopefully this is a temporary regression. Otherwise I will sadly have to look for alternatives to using Dropbox.