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Last Updated:

Android - UPDATE

I used to say: "Don't need a smartphone - Can do things much better on my PC (except mobility)". But I eventually gave in to the hype:

Our devices (updated):
  • 2010 Kindle E-Reader original version Still Used!
  • 2011 Galaxy S2 smartphone for Sandra Now scrapped
  • 2012 Nexus 7 (2012) tablet WiFi for me Now scrapped
  • 2014 Nexus 9 tablet WiFi for me retiring the Nexus 7 Rooted
  • 2014 Galaxy TAB S 10.5" tablet WiFi for Sandra Rooted Now scrapped
  • 2015 Moto G (2nd gen) smartphone for Sandra. I inherited her Galaxy S2 Now backup Rooted
  • 2017 SONY Bravia 43" Android TV
  • 2017 Galaxy Tab S2 8" tablet WiFi for me Retiring the Nexus 9 Now backup Rooted
  • 2017 Moto G5 smartphone for Sandra. I inherited her MotoG Retiring the Galaxy S2
  • 2018 Moto G6 play smartphone for Sandra. I inherited her Moto G5 Retiring the Moto G
  • 2018 Galaxy Tab S4 10.5" tablet WiFi Retiring the Galaxy Tab S Now Backup
  • 2021 Galaxy Tab S7 11" tablet WiFi for me Retiring the Galaxy Tab S2
  • 2022 Galaxy Tab S8 11" tablet WiFi for Sandra Retiring the Galaxy Tab S4
  • 2023 Kobo Libra 2 7" E-Reader

Galaxy TAB S7 Homescreen

I find that I use the Tablet more than the PC, which I mainly use nowadays for Office files, Video editing and making Blog entries (like this one). But for Messaging incl. Email, following News, YouTube videos and leisurely Internet surfing I mainly use my Android Tablet. Sandra has retired her Laptop and only uses the Galaxy TAB S8.
I also used to say: "Can usually be reached on the Landline. Used my dumbphone when travelling - to reach - not to be reached". But now I have also got a smartphone! Actually I can phone from my Tablets even though they don't have SIM-cards - VoIP calls using my Google Voice number. Similarly I can send SMS to North America from the Tablets using Google Voice.

Often used Apps/Programs (updated)